Tourism in Normandy in the guest rooms of the Marais Vernier

The Marais Vernier guest house is located in the heart of the authentic and unspoilt Regional Park of the loops of the Seine in Normandy, a paradise for nature lovers. Bird watchers, bring your binoculars to watch birds from the many observation posts of the Marais Vernier, hikers or cyclists can ride the trails of the Brotonne Forest and those along the Seine.

Regional Park of the meanders of the Seine, Abbey country.

Follow the road of the Abbeys and discover living monuments still inhabited by Benedictine monks, the abbey of Saint-Wandrille Rancon and the Abbey of Bec Hellouin, visit the magnificent ruins of the abbey of Jumièges which annually hosts exhibitions of international artists, or even the abbey of Saint Martin de Boscherville with its herb garden.

Honfleur, Deauville

From the Marais Vernier guest house, you are only 30 minutes from the Côte Fleurie and Honfleur, a typical fishing village, land of painters and writers, the beach decking of Deauville or Cabourg. Push farther on and dive into history discovering the landing beaches. If you cross the Seine, it is Etretat that you will admire the ‘door and the needle’, cut into the chalk cliffs


Ranked as one of the most beautiful detours, the town of Pont-Audemer is located on the river Risle 30 km east of Honfleur. The Church of St. Ouen, built in the 15th century, is a masterpiece of architecture. It has beautiful stained glass windows designed by Max Ingrand.


This coastal town is located at the mouth of the Seine. Its charming harbor and the old houses around the old harbour are the main attractions of Honfleur. Its port was built in the 17th century, it is surrounded by magnificent tall houses. Remember to purchase fish at the auction.


Built by Napoleon's half-brother, Deauville is the chic town par excellence. It is famous for its film festival, horse racing and luxurious boutiques. But its major attraction is its lovely sandy beach