Guest table of the Marais Vernier in Saint Opportune La Mare.

Food lovers seeking authenticity, welcome to the guest house of the Marais Vernier. Mr. and Mrs. Blondel gracefully perpetuate Norman culinary heritage. At dinner, tasty, tender, free-range poultry and tasty, crispy lamb, bread and fish from the Normandy coast. As for the queen of the table and the apple orchard, inviting tarts, juice, cider and pommel are proposed.

Farm produce tasting at the Marais Vernier Guest House.

It is in a family atmosphere that you can rediscover the richness of the Normandy land at the Marais Vernier guest house: apple juice, cider, calvados and pommel, homemade jams with fruit from the orchard, pies and fruit flan prepared according to the seasons ... Not to mention the most famous Normandy cheeses.

Breakfast at the Marais Vernier guest house in Normandy.

At the Marais Vernier guest house every morning is a joy that reminds you that you are in the heart of Normandy: cakes and jams, farmer yogurt, apple juice from the orchard, cherries and strawberries season, cooked meats and Normandy cheeses (Camembert, Pont l'Eveque ...). You are now well fed, ready to follow the trails of the Marais Vernier and the Brotonne forest.


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